Chasing Slow, a short little book review


I just finished Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner. Always intrigued by the inner workings of people's lives, I found it fascinating. Though, the question gnawing in the back of my mind: is "slow living" even possible if I don't have book deals and a HGTV show? 


I don't know. 



But what I do know is that I can do a better job of:

Exiting out of email at night. 

Putting down my phone.

Eating real food. As in not the chemical, candy-type foods. 

Saying "no" to fast-fashion and "yes" to getting outside. 

Listening in the morning and being grateful for the life I'm living. 

And when it comes to design; I think I could be more thoughtful. Less trendy. More traditional. Looking to work that has stood the test of time as example. There should be no reason to change your logo every three to five years, not if it's actually good. 

Read Erin's words and tell me your thoughts. 


(And in full discloser, I made this Chemex, so that I could take this picture. Irony juxtaposed against the authenticity touted in this book. But I'm going to drink the coffee anyway.)

Central IL Graphic Designer_1.JPG
Central IL Graphic Designer_2.JPG