What's your solution to the problem?

Building a Story Brand Donald Miller Peoria IL Branding

This is the best thing I've watched on marketing. You should watch it too. 

Donald Miller says, "Everything that you sell is medicine." 

It's true. 

Be the Tylenol. 

Whether you sell a service or a physical product, what is the pain killer you offer?

Are you a mobile boutique? Your customer might be suffering from what to wear on a Friday night out on the town. The Tylenol your offering is easy to piece together items. 

Do you brew coffee? Your customer might actually be longing for community. The balm is creating a space to gather with friends and family. 

This day in age business owners and entrepreneurs are pulled in a thousand directions. I make it easy for for small to medium businesses to concentrate on what they do best by taking the design/marketing/social media work off of their shoulders. 

"Your solution doesn't make sense until you define the problem." 

I, for one, am chugging Don's dose of Story Brand.