Rethinking Inspiration


You know, how do we awaken inspiration?

Seeing new cities and spaces?
Listening to a song? A rhyme? A cadence? 
Reading a piece of literature that resonates in our hearts? 
The first winter's snow?
An encouraging word from a friend? 

Constantly, I seek it's face. Try to find a little motivation to spark, to pop some creative bubble that will overflow, spill out like one of those little gummy Gushers. Waiting around like I have all the time in the world. 

My creative-photographer-roommate and I have been into Netflix's "Abstract: the Art of Design" and Christoph Niemann just got us: 

draw and do and  make decisions-01.png

That's it. 
There's not always this perfect place where our work (whether that's painting or designing or writing or creating activities for 3rd graders) comes together seamlessly. 

It's really about faithfully putting pen to paper. 
Sitting at your desk. Drawing. Doing. 

So that's my advice to me. To you.