Rethinking Inspiration

You know, how do we awaken inspiration?

Seeing new cities and spaces?
Listening to a song? A rhyme? A cadence? 
Reading a piece of literature that resonates in our hearts? 
The first winter's snow?
An encouraging word from a friend? 

Constantly, I seek it's face. Try to find a little motivation to spark, to pop some creative bubble that will overflow, spill out like one of those little gummy Gushers. Waiting around like I have all the time in the world. 

My creative-photographer-roommate and I have been into Netflix's "Abstract: the Art of Design" and Christoph Niemann just got us: 

draw and do and  make decisions-01.png

That's it. 
There's not always this perfect place where our work (whether that's painting or designing or writing or creating activities for 3rd graders) comes together seamlessly. 

It's really about faithfully putting pen to paper. 
Sitting at your desk. Drawing. Doing. 

So that's my advice to me. To you.

Slow Down & Do What Matters

Nearly three years ago I began this freelance graphic design thing, whatever it was. Trying my hand at everything, I did branding and web design, wedding invites and customized handlettering. I sold cards to people and places, created posters and place cards, edited videos and snapped photos, leaving my mind scattered and doing none of it well. 

Who would want to see a doctor who not only does brain surgery, but angioplasties, arthritis exams, and cancer care? I mean, maybe that guy is a mega mastermind, but you’d probably want to be attended to by the best in the field should you have an ailment. 

And design is somewhat similar. There are so many places to concentrate in the field. You are always going to be the best, most effective at what you do if you can hone in and focus on doing one thing or a few things well. 

Matt Perman, in his book What's Best Next, writes on an interview with Seth Godin who says, "Decide what really matters and do it."

So in 2017 I’m saying “no” to almost everything except for illustrated paper goods and products. Maybe there will be time and space once again for logos and weddings invites. But at the moment, it’s three cheers for stationery being sold to individuals and wholesalers and to simplifying and slowing down.

In the meantime, remind your friends to slow down and to do what matters by sending them a card found in this free printable