As an eight-year-old, I went door-to-door selling my handlettered, hand-illustrated greeting cards. Twenty years later, I realized people illustrate things things for a living, quit my job, and have been learning the business of art ever since.

I have a soft spot for funky-fresh minimalist patterns paired with bold type, though I'm discovering my tastes change on the daily, as does our culture’s. And that’s what makes life exciting and never boring.

Being created in the image of the Creator, I believe, is what gives us the capacity to create. It gives our art meaning. And more than that, it brings us closer to who we were intended to be, giving us a taste of eternity.

Besides thinking through the intersection of art and truth, lingering at the table with friends after a meal, conversations over a cup of coffee, and reading anything by Mary Oliver or C.S. Lewis is what I love most.

Enough about me; I'd like to meet you. Please reach out!